A Quick Overview

Founded in 1979, the world of Timnath is an RPG campaign setting which has continued to evolve through the creative participation of numerous players, week after week, for over 30 years! In the course of more than 200 in-game years, player character (PC) actions and reactions have continually sculpted the landscape as they built/destroyed cities, fortresses, dungeons, great roads, and accomplished other untold wonders.

The world of Timnath holds a wide variety of geographic features and climes adaptable to virtually every kind of game scenario. There are established personalities, governments, cities, economies, allegiances, political objectives, guilds, intrigues, and all manner of RPG settings.

There are also treacherous lands, hidden away from the eyes of men. Here terrible creatures dwell. Places like Scrith, the land of the dragons; Getland and Jutland, the land of the giants. Many an adventurer has set out to conquer such places seeking fortune and fame. Some find the legendary; others become it.

It should be noted that though these areas are well mapped, one would expect there are other distant, unknown lands beyond the shores we now see.

Map tile notes and the overall map legend are in development and will be made available soon.

In the meantime, each hex is approximately 9 square miles in size (or 3 miles edge to edge). Mountains contain ridgelines which hinder movement: it takes a day to cross a single ridgeline. Also, ridgelines are considered impassable for wheeled vehicles (i.e. carts, wagons, etc.).

Some sites are named but unmapped, and will be indicated. Unless specified, unnamed castles, towers, cities, villages, and dungeons are unmapped sites.

...More coming soon.

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